Classic Pintail - Indigo Type

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For unstoppable thinkers and daydreamers

Classic Pintail is a camber type longboard deck with no concave. Medium flex gives an option to bounce and boost at the turns or long cruise rides for all day long. This board is enjoyable for flat and mellow slope riding.

7 plies of Baltic birch veneer toasted, smoothly cuted, later screenprinted and signed with hot emboss press. Purely handcrafted and protected with matt gloss layer - this is how our Classic Pintail is made.

Shaped just as it is. A lot joyable and ready for asphalt surf.


105 cm H x 22,8 cm W



Recomended with:

- 180mm - 190mm Longboard Trucks
- 70mm - 80mm, 80a Longboard Wheels
- 12mm Riser
-  Grip Tape

Each of our boards are handcrafted in Lokal Boards workshop based in Lokal House.