Ride Life

We met and started to work and build things together when were young boys. Sure - back then, while playing in the sandbox, things were more fun less meaningful, but the fact remains - it was worth it. 

Following our roots (back in 80’s our parents actually were skating together) we started to ride and build our own boards. As usual, there were many big and wide ideas at the beginning (early 2012) - we just took the best of them and made them reality. Our idea - worlds first skateboard MINI DROME backyard contest, actually received attention worldwide and our very first board “CLASSIC PINTAIL” now proudly represents Latvian Design in exhibitions. CLASSIC PINTAIL is now available for purchase in LOKAL HOUSE and other skate shops.

First year was spent for technical investments, research and development. We focused on developing the whole concept and we were thinking about board production.

Just as a miracle, in August 2013 we got the keys to the retail house of the oldest beer brewery in Riga (Kimmel Beer) and our work began. It took some time to convert the beer brewery into a board ‘brewery’ and we managed to do that well. We opened our workshop, store and social club concept house in 21. June 2014 and named it LOKAL HOUSE (Riga, Skolas iela 35). Located beside bicycle track and behind theater, club, bar and hospital, it’s just perfect place to be laid back in hot summer days. Nowadays this area is well known as one of the creative quarters of Riga.
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