Straight from the heart, we finally launch our online store and webpage

We have seen the world, and we know that it is beautiful. Each place has its own benefits, sights, sounds and people around. What we think is that there is no perfect place on earth - grass is always greener on the other side, but what if each of us could have the most fun and the best time of our lives wherever we are at the moment?

So simple – just live lokal.

It’s not that we want to change the world; we would like to work on changing attitudes. We can’t adjust the hills but we can learn the skills and so on...

That’s why we call this LOKAL BOARDS. Lokal (local) represents pride, courage and a great adventure just wherever you are. We stand for strong friendships and true respect.

Thinking globally, producing locally, we are the ones who show that we have our own streets, hills, winds and waters.

Related to the native woods.

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